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With the 2016 Bayview Golf Club tournament season will come to an end soon.  We look forward to the upcoming year for more tournament action and news. In addition to the regular NCGA qualifiers, we will be conductng another Match Play Tournament.

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Join the Fun! It's that time of the year again to renew your memberships for 2017.  Current members will enjoy the customery $10 discount.  New members will benefit by joining now, which covers their NCGA and Bayview memberships for the remainder of this year, and carries thru to end of 2017! What a deal! In addition, members will receive the NCGA discounts at both Poppy Ridge and Poppy Hills, along with the NCGA 's quarterly magazine and GHIN handicapping services!
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Stay tuned and look here for updates on the 2017 tournament sites and dates when they become available.
Bayview GC Awards Party 2016!

THE RESULTS are IN! Bayview GC has determined the 2016 Points Cup Champion!

It all came down to the last tournament at Poppy Hills to find our champion!  And congrat's to Deborah Bejonerud for narrowly besting Dave Fitzgeral for a 214 to 207 finish!  What a great end to the 2016 tournament season. Join us for the awards party to celebrate our champion!
          Well Done Deborah!
The results are in. Brian Kennedy defeated Craig Shoop at Callippe Preserve on December 3rd in their final match. Brian won 4 and 3 with a spectacular round of chipping and putting. Congratulations to Brian for that effort... in other news, Bayview held its Awards party Saturday evening following the match. Our president, Dianne Tibbetts did a fantastic job of organizing and moderating the party. Much appreciated. Also Craig Shoop and Michelle Shoop hosted the party at their home following the match-play round it was a great success thank you for your hospitality. Visit BVGC on Facebook for lots of party pictures.
2016 Match Play Bracket. [View Here]
Match Play 2016 UPDATE!
This years awards party will be held a Craig Shoops home on December 3rd! If you have not received the mailing for the party, please contact me at:

Bayview News
A couple of items for the membership. As you know the party will be on December 3rd at Craig Shoop home, and if you haven't got your application in for the party do so now. Time is getting tight. Also, I would like to mention that you will need to get your membership fees paid for the club before the end of the year. The earlier the better as it helps the club keep things in good stead with the NCGA. We now look forward to the awardsparty and a new 2017 tournament season!  Please join us to make 2017 another exiting year! Be safe in the new year and a Merry Christmas to All